Your Career and AIHT

forestlightLike most institutions of higher learning, the American Institute of Holistic Theology (AIHT) prepares its students to undertake a wide variety of careers in a variety of fields. But AIHT provides it from the perspective of what is termed holistic. We are an institute of spiritual higher learning, which utilizes an interfaith and holistic theological approach to all of its coursework, and thus all of the student’s preparations for a career.

Many of our students are coming to AIHT to start, enhance or facilitate the credentialing of a second career. They are already Nurses, Doctors, Attorneys, Judges, Dentists, Psychologists, Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Social Workers, Veterinarians, etc. And they wish to bring a transpersonal, interfaith, integral approach to what they are already doing. And they often report that this education has facilitated their own fulfillment, as well as enhanced their credibility and their service capacity in entirely new ways.

Others of our students wish to launch a career as a Chaplain, an interfaith Minister, a Pastor, a Holistic Healer–including nutritional healing, acupuncture, Reiki, therapeutic touch, energetic healing, psychic healing or clairvoyance, clairaudience or other psychic mediums. Still others want to launch a career as a paranormal investigator, utilizing our degrees in Alternate Spiritual Traditions. And still others want to write that book they’ve always had in them, but they need some viable credentials behind their name and an education that opens them to experiencing their craft from a seeker and researcher base.

This is what is possible with an education from AIHT. Our graduates relate stories of wonderful service to their worlds. And we delight in hearing these stories because they remind us that we are not only serving our students but the entire world.

Some will ask, “Are you credentialed?” To that question we answer that we are ahead of the credentialing curve. Once upon a time nothing was credentialed. But then some folks came along, formulated a credentialing body and decided upon standards for credentialing. There is, as yet, no credentialing body for the kind of education we offer. When there is, we will be credentialed. Until then, we are ahead of the pack.

We do not offer the typical general education package. You can pay a lot more for that somewhere else. With that you will take math, science and English and some other required curricula that you may or may not ever use in your career. Therefore, we are not credentialed by typical general education credentialing bodies.

At AIHT we offer an education. Not just a degree. An education. Here you will work for what you learn, and for that degree. And when you get finished and are ready for that degree, you will have gained an education that you can use in your career on a daily basis.

Some of the spiritual educational programs that you will see advertised online offer you a quick fix for your degree problem. You know stuff and they’ll give you a degree so that you can say you know stuff. But that’s not what AIHT does. We know that many of our students know stuff. But we want to offer them a real education that moves them beyond what they already know, both enhancing that knowledge and challenging them to learn and evolve in new and different ways, so that they can begin to both know and live out some really cool new stuff.

When you enroll at AIHT you get to pick your own curriculum toward the degree in which you are most interested. And you can expect then to begin a learning process that will change your life, so that you can change your world.


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If you are among the many people today who are seeking spiritual transformation through the growth of a perspective that includes and embraces all religions and yet moves beyond religion to a personal spirituality, the American Institute of Holistic Theology offers the kind of inspirational education you can believe in. With an education from AIHT, not only can you transform and nurture in your own life and transformative process, but you can use this education to minister to and serve others. An interfaith, interspiritual, integral perspective bridges the gaps between religions, faiths, and spiritual paths. It opens rather than closes. It allows both the light and darkness, finding within each a rich promise. It brings all religion, all spiritual practice to its mystical core. That core is the essential ingredient in all of our coursework, including Holistic Theology, Holistic Ministries, Holistic Health, Metaphysics and Parapsychology.
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